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November 29, 2019

The movie “JOKER” premiered on August 31st,2019, in the Venice International Film Festival earning a standing ovation and the award of the Golden Lion for Best Film. Since then, the much-discussed movie has grossed over $852 million worldwide making it one of the most successful movies of 2019. The main character, Arthur Fleck,  a clown and aspiring stand-up comedian is struggling with everyday life and a variety of mental illnesses and eventually spirals down to the darkest places of his mind, where he finds “Joker”. Joker has murderous tendencies and creates social chaos, disregarding any form of rationale. His revengeful attitude towards society and people emits fear, unpredictability and madness.

Viewers and critics applauded Joaquin Phoenix’s acting and interpretation of the role while...

November 26, 2019

Era l’11 settembre 1973 e a Santiago, in Cile, i militari capeggiati dal generale Augusto Pinochet prendevano il potere reprimendo con la forza le proteste popolari e instaurando una delle dittature più feroci dell’America Latina.

Oggi ottobre 2019 nel “democratico” Cile il governo del conservatore Sebastian Pinera manda i carri armati contro la popolazione che protesta nelle piazze del Paese contro le misure neoliberiste che hanno reso il Cile uno degli stati più diseguali del mondo.

Letto così sembrano questioni da noi lontanissime, eppure ciò che sta avvenendo in Cile oggi deve essere un mantra per tutte le democrazie occidentali. Se infatti è vero che in Cile la democrazia non ha sicuramente radici forti come le ha in tanti Paesi europei è però un fatto che politiche fautrici di maggiori...

November 22, 2019

Ocean. Is that the first word that crosses your mind when you think about beautiful things? Well, I don’t blame you if it doesn’t. Considering how it has been wasted by humans, it might have been the first thing on your mind 30 years back, but not now.

All of us know oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface, that is no rocket science. But the surprising fact is that they cover 99% of living space on the planet. So that implies, it is us, humans, living on that 1% living space on earth, that are actually destroying a clear majority of species. How is that justified?

Among other man-made reasons, plastics are the real threat here. Not only are they degrading the environment, but they are also the real evil when it comes to the aquatic fauna. Suffocation, drowning and starving are some of the ways i...

November 18, 2019

This year, the United Nations has held multiple conferences on the issue of Hate Speech, and more specifically on its presence online and its impact on minorities. In each of these meetings, key speakers of the Human Rights Committee stressed the importance of “identifying, preventing and confronting” online hate as well as how these measures would not put an individual’s freedom of speech at risk. On the 21st of October, before the launch of the annual report on Internet and Freedom of Expression, UN Special Rapporteur David Kaye expressed his concern regarding our tendency to underestimate hate speech. At the most recent meeting with the General Assembly, he addressed how “the prevalence of online hate poses challenges to everyone, first and foremost the marginalized individuals who are...

November 8, 2019

Last Tuesday you had a taste of what Students for Humanity project in the village of Wasa means, for both the local community and volunteers. Through Diletta’s words you have discovered more about what we do, why we do it and for whom. We would like to make you feel as much as possible how passionate volunteers are and how the daily life in Wasa looks like.

So, enjoy the second part of our interview to Diletta and remember to come and see us at Bookcity!

Here are the dates to write down:

  • November 14 to 30 at Velodromo Building (Piazza Sraffa 13) – “Si scrive Wasa, si legge Casa” photographic reportage

  • November 15 from 6.30pm at Libreria Egea – “Afriche, storie non stop

For more information and for registering to the event, visit Bookcity website. 

What has been your role in the pro...

November 5, 2019

Working for Wasa is by now well known not only by those who are close to Students for Humanity’s members but also, more and more, by people who heard about the project, recognized the passion we pour into it, and decided to support our work.

We are thankful and proud of being able to keep on developing such a wonderful project - born in 2011 in a small village in the middle of Tanzania, Working for Wasa has in fact grown exponentially throughout the years thanks to the effort of volunteers, members and donors, each providing a piece of the human and tangible resources necessary to empower Wasa’s community and make it autonomous in the future. Health, education, practical work and fulfillment of basic needs have been the focus of our work with the people living in Wasa, and especially with t...

November 1, 2019

È sempre strano scoprire cose che non si conoscevano prima. Inizi a chiederti come hai potuto non sentire, neanche di sfuggita, qualcosa che ora ti sembra piuttosto importante e degno di nota. Il grafico qui sotto è strategicamente scelto affinchè ciascuno si ricordi del fatto che c’è sempre tanto da imparare: ‘Meme’ è l’argomento più ricercato su Google negli ultmi 12 mesi, più di mille miliardi di risultati di ricerca in 0.38 secondi. Ma cosa ne sappiamo di Disaster Risk Reduction?

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) è una approccio sistematico volto al cercare di ridurre, prevenire e prepararsi ai disastri, naturali e non, che quotidianamente scalfiscono il mondo. Purtroppo non è un qualcosa di cui si parla, o di cui si sa, eppure è fondamentale nell’ambito delle relazioni iternazionali.


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Working for Wasa: what you already know, what you have always wondered and what you might not expect about Students for Humanity’s project

November 8, 2019

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