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March 31, 2020

Entro nel tram con un’amica, un odore nauseabondo pervade il vagone in cui mi trovo, la mia amica me lo fa notare, descrivendo l’aria come calda e consumata. Una donna, vestita di tutto punto, interviene nella nostra conversazione. Specifica la causa del tanfo: la presenza di un senza tetto. Sorrido, mio malgrado, alla signora rimanendo in silenzio per un po’. Mi disturba la soddisfazione con cui prende le distanze dalla realtà della vita ai margini, nella convinzione che è una vita che lei non potrà mai sperimentare.

Ho visto da pochi giorni Parasite di Bong Joon-Ho, il quale è riuscito a portare dentro i cinema l’olfatto, uno dei sensi più potenti, che si impone anche sulla vista. In questo film è l’odore il confine invalicabile tra ricchi e poveri, è l’odore che costituisce la barriera...

March 10, 2020

News outlets nowadays seem to have more demoralizing content than usual, which makes sense due to the global corona virus epidemic. But while I recognize the need to keep informed, I also feel like I’m going crazy, and I need some good news in my day to day life. December and March is commonly associated with flu season, and yet every time I sneeze or cough now my mom nearly faints and I fear for my life. A small yet effective way to mitigate this overwhelming and irrational sense of anxiety and impending doom is to dedicate an articles solely on positive events around the world. So, for the next weeks, only positive articles!

All over this crazy world of ours, great and heart-warming things take place. Acts and facts like these keep our hopes up and motivate us to make positive changes of...

March 2, 2020

Italians of my generation have never been asked to look out for their health because of an epidemic.  All the news talks about is Covid-19, spending hours giving opinions on issues that only doctors understand, despite even the scientific community having contrasting opinions. We are asked to be mindful of our behavior, yet it is just slightly more serious than a flu. We do not have a cure yet some drugs actually work on it. Often it is not deadly, but there is a real-time scoreboard tallying the deaths. Said fatalities are, in my opinion, also very difficult to interpret as we can never be sure all the victims died because of the coronavirus or with the virus. Universities will stay open in some regions because, in most cases it is not fatal for the young.  

But, what if you live with your...

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November 8, 2019

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