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March 22, 2019

I met Mary Ann at Lacor Hospital’s guest house, in Uganda. She is a river in flood, I get lost when she speaks…it’s a weird mix of American, Acholi, and smiles. When I asked her how she is learning so many words in Acholi I found out that she’s spending most of her time in villages, among families and communities. Mary Ann is a researcher from the US, doing qualitative research in Gulu District about children with disabilities, their families and the barriers they are facing. 9 months of interviews at homes with parents and caregivers: that is why she is learning Acholi, just one of the many things that she is learning, spending her time visiting families with a child affected by any type of limited physical mobility, ranging from Down to blind kids. However, when she joins families at the...

May 1, 2018

How has child labour been changing over time? An overview of this widespread phenomenon starting from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist up to the latest ILO statistics.
Boy for sale!” was shouting out Mr. Bumble in Oliver!, a musical by Lionel Bart premiered in 1960 and based upon Charles Dickens’ novel.

Almost all of us know Oliver’s history: the main character is an orphan, Oliver Twist, who was born in a baby farm and spent his childhood with no one taking care of and feeding him, or even coerced, by the beadle of the parish he lived in, to work picking oakum at the main workhouse.
Dickens’ novel dates back to the first half of 1800s, when children exploitation in workhouses was a usual and rooted practice even in many rich countries, such as England.

Nevertheless, nowadays the phenomenon of...

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Working for Wasa: what you already know, what you have always wondered and what you might not expect about Students for Humanity’s project

November 8, 2019

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