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February 9, 2018

Dead Man Walking, a cruel description of the life in the death row.

The Father:“Are you familiar with the Old Testament? Thou shalt not kill (Exod 20:13). If anyone sheds the blood of man, his blood shall be shed. (Gen 9:6).”.

Sr. Helen: “Yes Father. Are you familiar with the New Testament where Jesus talks about grace and reconciliation? (Matthew 6:14)”.

Title: Dead Man Walking

Directed by: Tim Robbison

Year: 1995

The story: Dead Man Walking is a movie of 1995, directed by Tim Robbins and inspired by a book with the same title. It tells about the relationship between Matthew Poncelet (Sean Penn), a death row detainee sentenced to death after the killing of a teenage couple and the rape of the girl, and Sr. Helen (). After receiving an invitation from Matthew, Sr. Helen finally decided to visit...

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