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February 6, 2018

Hikikomori; Kodokushi; Karoshi. All of these are words representing different phenomena in the Japanese society. Such phenomena were not simply originated by the Japanese society; the latter two are also only existing in Japan. But what do those word mean?

The first one, Hikikomori, is now a widely known problem, that has spread to other countries as well. The word is used to refer to young people – mainly teenagers – that decide to cut out the outer world and bury themselves under the shelter of the walls of their home or even of their room. Kodokushi is a fairly new social and humanitarian problem: the problem of elderly people that lead themselves to an apathic state and then slowly to death. These people are normally lonely and spend the last years of their life with little, if any, con...

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Working for Wasa: what you already know, what you have always wondered and what you might not expect about Students for Humanity’s project

November 8, 2019

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