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February 25, 2020

What does growing old mean to you? Do you view it as a tragedy? Does it make you think of deep wrinkles, loss or loneliness? 

I spent two years of my life living in the United States, with my 93-year-old grandfather. We lived on a horseshoe shaped road with a view on a golf course. At night, I could always hear the rumble and screech of the train in the distance, and feel its gentle vibrations in the house, as it came running through town. In the backyard, there was a wooden bench worn smooth by age. This is where my grandfather likes to drink his iced tea and listen to Frank Sinatra on his small golden-age radio. If you listened closely, you’d probably hear him humming along to the music.

Living with my grandpa redefined my opinion of old age. While he may regularly watch the weather channe...

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