Among the social activities that Students for Humanity promotes, the Blood Donation Awareness campaign plays an important role. Since 2017, the Marrow Bone Donation has become another fundamental issue. Thanks to the help of the Maggiore Policlinico Hospital in Milan, Students has launched several projects with the aim of informing all students of the importance of a noble gesture such as blood donation, which requires a little '' sacrifice '' that, instead, can make a huge contribution to those who need it.


Last year, more than a hundred people were interested in our blood donation promotion event, and went donating to the Policlinico, that in 2015 had awarded Students for Humanity as "Best Collaborator". During the year, the donation awareness team has added further collaborations, with two of the most active associations in Italy: ADMO and AVIS.

Together with ADMO, Students tried to introduce a new theme, always considered very difficult and not very popular: marrow bone donation. Through a first informative event in which the ADMO volunteers told their personal experience as donors or recipients, we wanted to send a strong message pushing the Bocconi community to open up towards this gesture that finds little fertility in Italy, and moreover we wanted give proper information on new techniques and methods of donation that are often ignored. The second step was the actual typing of potential donors, allowing them to be included in the ADMO database and to be contacted if a genetic twin needs the donation. The success of this campaign has been surprising and the number of possible future donors suggests a strong hope that this gesture of strong altruism may become increasingly common in Italy.

A great step forward has also been achieved through the agreements between AVIS and the Bocconi University itself, which makes it possible to donate blood directly in the University through a mobile unit for two days twice a year, in April and November. . AVIS mainly relies on Students for Humanity for the sponsorship and dissemination of information in universities that, through the days of promotion, can create a direct link with the students.

Why should we donate?

 Blood is a scarce resource, it cannot be produced artificially and for this reason its availability depends exclusively on voluntary donations. The OMS and the European Council, together with other important international organizations state that to guarantee high-quality healthcare system 40,000 blood units for every million of habitants are needed. This means that every year in Italy 2,300,000 blood units are needed.

Every day, in the hospitals all around Italy, there is a constant need for blood. In what circumstances the need for blood emerges?

  • in first aid and emergency services

  • in surgeries and organ transplants

  • for the cure of oncological diseases

  • for the treatment of the various forms of chronic anemia 

  • to deal with the hemorrhagic complications of childbirth


Every second, every minute, every day we need someone to help us. Today it could be you! Find out if you can be a donor! 

Who can donate?

The greatest part of us can donate. However, there are some necessary requisites that every donor must fulfill.

People who can donate are:

  • who is in good health

  • who is between 18 and 60 years old

  • who has eaten something in the last 15 hours

  • who is not getting (or hasn’t got recently) pharmaceutical treatments

  • who has a regular heartbeat and his/her pulsations are within 50 and 100

  • who has never had serious diseases in the past

  • whose weight is more than 50 kg (110,2 lb)

  • who has not eaten large meals in the last 6 hours

  • who has maximum arterial pressure between 110 and 160 mm Hg, minimum between 60 and 100 mm Hg

  • who has a level of hemoglobin not inferior to 12,5 g/dL for women and 13,5 g/dL for men.

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