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Giulia Fiorucci

- Volunteer at Wasa in 2019

This is Giulia, an energetic engineering student at Politecnico di Milano, who left for Wasa in august 2019!

Thanks to SFH, Giulia managed to live an amazing experience. She was particularly impressed by the bonds she created and by how the people from Wasa faced difficulties.

"They have nothing, yet they are always smiling. They complain way less than those people who have way more than what they need," she said.

Giulia told us what a typical day in Wasa looked like: wake up early, breakfast with Mandazi, lessons with the students, and lunch with the “baba”.

The afternoon was devoted to recreational activities such as going to the bazaar with the kids in the nearby village, buying candies, or just for a walk. “If we had projects to carry out (for example, the barbershop, and the store) we worked on those. “Being able to complete them took a long time, they like taking things slowly, which is a concept very far from a girl who grew up in Milan and who is used and eager to complete everything quickly,” she said. Every once in a while, the volunteers would go to Iringa to shop for the workshops or projects materials.

In the evening, they dined again at the baba's house, and then, they would spend some time by the fire.

On Saturdays, they used to prepare a party, so they would spend the day preparing (peeling potatoes, procuring meat, coke, and soda, etc) and choosing good music!


Finally, Giulia left us great advice:

“Don’t be scared of facing the unknown because it is going to be an experience that will enrich your lives.”

Just be ready to adapt to a different reality, have an adventurous spirit, be willing to meet new people, and embrace a new culture!

Matilda Minarelli

Dear students, today we have Matilda Minarelli who volunteered at Wasa in 2019. Matilda has always been interested in taking part in volunteering projects so, when she found Students for Humanity, she seized the opportunity and took part in our project abroad.


She told us that her experience at Wasa was challenging: the culture is different and it is not always easy to accept it. One of the hardest things she had to accept was that she could not help everyone there by giving them what everything they needed as she was there to help them understanding how to get it.


However, the experience as a whole was also rewarding. She said she learned a lot and left with her heart filled with joy. One day when one of the girls from the school asked her to go and meet her grandmother. It was a particularly touching moment and, she would define it as her happiest memory.


What Matilda would recommend to everyone interested in taking part to the project is not having any expectations and accepting what the project has to offer; saying "yes " to new adventures and being open to accepting facing new challenges.

- Volunteer at Wasa in 2019

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