The events group organizes conferences, film forums and other types of on and off campus meetings to raise awareness of current issues and social relevance.

With the conferences organized within the university during the year, sometimes in collaboration with other student associations, Students For Humanity wanted to focus on current migratory flows, with the aim of bringing attention to human drama. As a matter of fact, too often, we hear about migrants as numbers, forgetting about the suffering and inhumane situations suffered before, during and after the trip.


In the first meeting, "The journey of the migrants", Paolo Magri, vice-president and director of ISPI, analyzed the geopolitical situation in the countries of Africa and the Middle East and outlined some of the causes of today's migratory waves. Gianni Rufini, director of Amnesty International Italy, denounced the situations experienced by millions of people again in 2017 and Ilario Piagnerelli, RAI journalist, told and showed his reportage along the Balkan route, where he traveled with migrants.


The second conference, "Migrants and Europe", wanted to provide a general perspective of the system of rules and policies present at the European level, thanks to the analysis of Chiara Garri, researcher for Amnesty International and Cristina Cecchini, ASGI member lawyer, Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration. Domenico Quirico, a correspondent for La Stampa, recounted his journey on the boat with the migrants and the shipwreck near the coast of Lampedusa and denounced the lack of effective policies at European level.


The third meeting, "At home: the welcome beyond the slogans", the last of the proposed cycle, analyzed the reception system in Italy with the prefecture of Milan, Milena Gabanelli, RAI journalist, and Ilaria Masinara, campaigner for Amnesty International.

Other events proposed by Students For Humanity are awareness events, such as "Match It Now", an aperitivo organized to dispel several myths about marrow bone donation, thanks to the presence of donors, recipients and expert staff.

Some of our events

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