“Working for Wasa” project was born in the summer of 2011 from the willingness of some students to provide a concrete support to the inhabitants of the village of wasa, situated in Iringa, a region in Tanzania. The constant dialogue with the local community enabled an accurate intervention in order to satisfy the different needs of Wasa’s community. Especially, several educational and sanitary projects have been carried out: the construction of a kindergarten and a sanitary center, the distribution of a scholarship to a student and teaching mathematics. As our activity was progressing, it arose the necessity to respond to further population’s need, mainly in the agricultural and the artisanal field.

Who we are

Within the association, among other activities, it has been formed early on the group “projects abroad” which has the responsibility of managing “Working for Wasa” program. This group is not only formed by volunteers who have traveled to Tanzania but also by those who want to contribute with ideas and with their availability to the activities that we organize in Italy throughout the year.

Our activities

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What we do

Educational project

Thanks to the daily and direct contact with the students of the carpentry school in Wasa, the volunteers realized that some of them possessed a very good inclination towards studies and a great thirst for knowledge. For this reason, during the summer of 2014, some of the volunteers of Students for Humanity came up with the idea of creating a project - Students for Education - which aim is to give the possibility to these students to continue their studies in one of the best secondary schools of the area. The school selected for the project is the St. James Kilolo Secondary School in Iringa.


Currently, scholarships were given to three students. The very first beneficiary was Ezra Waya, who has been selected during the summer of 2014. He was a student of the carpentry school and he stood out among his classmates for his capabilities and the effort put in his studies. He is now attending the third year of the Secondary School and passed the second year final exam with excellent results. The second beneficiary, Helena Luniungu, has been selected in the summer of 2015. Since no suitable candidates from the carpentry school have been spotted during the summer, the scholarship has been given to this promising student who just finished the primary school and wouldn’t have been able to continue her studies in the secondary school without some financial help. The third selected student to receive the scholarship was Mkombozi Clemente Kisinini in the summer of 2016, for his deep interest and his determination for studies, but also to contribute to realize his dream of becoming a policeman. The director of the school, Francis Samwel Mwilaf, informed us that both students are getting good grades and have passed all the exams.


The candidate of the scholarship is chosen by Students for Humanity’s volunteers during their stay in the village of Wasa, where they teach different subjects to the students of the carpentry school. This year, 2017, in order to chose the right candidate, the volunteers have subjected the students to a motivational test, asking questions about their family situation and the motivation and willingness that drove them to continue the studies. Then, another test was subjected to the students; this time regarding the topics taught during class, in order to evaluate their capabilities, their dedication and care in studies. These two tests were carried out to get a better understanding of each student’s academic and personal situation and their willingness to pursue studies. 

Carpentry School

The carpentry school is a professional school that gives those who attend it the opportunity to learn a trade. It is located within the village of Wasa, lasts three years and houses twenty-five students. The operation is entrusted to two teachers, Godfrey Lumato and Verigilyo Francis Makombe, whose salaries are paid by the association. They give lessons either through a theoretical approach, in class, or with a practical "workshop" approach. These two modes converge into actual lessons in the field, consisting of various activities: recollection of bricks, stones, creation of cement, construction of both furnishings and real infrastructures.
During summer, Students for Humanity volunteers teach English, Mathematics, Geometry and Geography. Classes are held every morning, from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 12:00 am. The teaching program aims to provide students with basic knowledge that can be useful to them in everyday life.

Health center

Wasa has long been careful to achieve health coverage of its population. Our volunteers built the CTC - a health center just outside the west wall of the mission, consisting of the following infrastructures:

o Delivery room and maternity
o Reception facilities and patient hospitalization

o Dispensary

o HIV Laboratory
o Two houses for doctors


The center was completed in 2014 but is not operational because the necessary authorizations and medical equipment are missing.

Garden and Hehnhouse Projects

In order to enrich the diet of the students of the carpentry school, Students for Humanity has invested in the construction of several gardens as well as in the construction of a henhouse. The goal is to empower children and make them progressively self-sufficient from the food point of view.

Groups 2018:
  1. First group:        01/06 - 02/07

  2. Second group:  29/06 - 30/07

  3. Third group:      27/07 - 27/08

  4. Fourth group:    24/08 - 23/09

Students for Humanity does not require any kind of association fee​.

Each volunteer has to pay for the flight. (Range: €400-600)

The volunteers will have to pay for their own food in Wasa.



Flights will be booked together with the group and at the suggestion of the group leader. All the volunteers have to leave and come back home with the same flight; single departures are not allowed.

NB: Avoid stopover in Kenya and Ethiopia.

How to ask and obtain a VISA: to ask for the release of the Visa it’s possible to proceed in one of the

following ways:

1) Directly at VISA OFFICE, Foro Buonaparte 55, Milano. Show up at Visa Office with a passport (at least 6 entire months of remaining validity), 2 passport photos, and there fill in the available form or present the pre-compiled request, which can be downloaded here:

Visa Application Form TANZANIA - Application-Form-TANZANIA1.pdf

You can pick up your passport immediately (cost 65 euro) Opening time: from Monday to Friday 9.30-12.30
It’s advisable to fix an appointment.

Contacts: Telefono: +390258307126 Fax: +390258307499

2) Through “Posta Raccomandata” (registered post)
The Visa can be required sending the passport by post service. In this way it will be possible to send by “raccomandata” (“raccomandata 1” or “raccomandata a.r” or courier service) the passport with 2 passport photos and the compiled form.

It has to be sent to: UFFICIO VISTI TANZANIA, Foro Buonaparte 55, 20121 MILANO

The Visa Office, after having given confirmation of receiving your document, will provide the Visa sending it

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For info on costs phone: 0258307534


You can contact the international centre of Profilassi of ASL in Milan or the ASL of your residence.

Before the departure is necessary an attentive assessment of the final destination, the length, the traveller’s health conditions. This assessment together with the recommended or compulsory vaccinations, can be done at the international centre of Profilassi of ASL in Milan at the following offices and by booking at:

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Additional Vaccinations generally requested are: Hepatitis A, tiphus, malaria prophylaxis (cholera to be evaluated)


Wasa is the warmth of colors, the joy of sounds, the life that lies behind those smiles. I will never forget the intensity of those looks, of those that take you into another dimension, made of pure emotions.

What our volunteers say


In Wasa found everything. In Wasa I found true happiness.


There is not even a day I do not want to go back and hug all the people I remember smiling.
Wasa is a whirlwind of emotions that touches deeply, involves and never leaves you.

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