Be your own kind of beautiful!

Over time, with centuries of empires building up and getting mixed into dust, with the growth of organizations and the improvising policies, one thing that has rapidly been changing is the perspective on BEAUTY. The concept of beauty, is ever so dynamic. From the time when Cleopatra used red ochre, a type of clay, for her lipstick and rouge, to the Millennium we are living in, beauty has grown more than just a compliment or a feature.

These days there are a number of brands selling a number of cosmetics. What possibly could be the reason apart from the vast market and marketing opportunities? Well, if we look deeper into the minds of people, it is no longer the case when people just focused on what they wear or how they dress their hair, but it is just so much more now. It is more related to self-confidence, how we perceive ourselves and for many people, how they want to be perceived. A major role has been played by the fashion industry and the way people have changed their beliefs about the role played by their appearance.

But is it just the outer looks that contribute to being “beautiful”? Well, the answer is a big fat NO. Being presentable, or focusing more on the way you look can create many differences in how a society thinks of you.

But even with all the social constraints on how to look and how not, in this era with a variety of cosmetic products and plastic surgeries, what matters at the end of the day, is how comfortable you are in your skin. No one wants to look bad but is it okay for you to look at your best every time, at any hour of the day?

Beauty is essential, no matter for what good or bad reasons, but self-worth should never be confused with materialistic values or use of any beauty products for that matter.

Being “Beautiful” should never be misinterpreted as being someone you are not.

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