In this millennial, where almost everything starts and ends with internet handling, does the plans of the Russian government to curb access to the internet, stand somewhere?

Internet has come a long way since its origins. From being once used as a form to ease transactions and trade, it is now being related to personal independence in some ways.

Similar is the story of Moscow. The parliament’s action of backing up the Cyber security bill, to restrict certain internet services in Russia has raised massive protests in the capital city. According to the activists, around 15000 people took to the streets of the city the previous month and protested against the same.

As quoted by a campaigner, “If we do nothing, it will get worse. The authorities will be following their own way and the point of no return will be passed”.

But the government’s point of view is in complete contrast alongside being completely invalid according to the citizens. The government provides the reasoning that the bill would seek to stop country’s internet traffic being routed through foreign servers. The so-called digital sovereignty bill would specially, as provided by the government’s line of reasoning, reduce Russia’s reliance on internet servers in the United States.

But apart form these recent changes, it is important to take a note here that Russia’s actions to restrict Internet service have been going on for a decade now. Applications such as youtube, facebook and telegram have already come under the radar of the Russian government.

On one side, the reasoning given by the people is fair enough. Internet access is worldwide related to personal freedom and accordingly, should be a personal choice. But since everything has its pros and cons, internet has a dark side too. Too much information or too much exposure of personal information to any social media platform for that matter, is a concern for every single individual and government worldwide. Companies lose millions, individuals have security issues and governments can face defense and Economical issues.

Such reactions are a part of actions taken on this hotshot topic and are and will be a continuous cycle as issues related to internet and their solutions differ for each and everyone all over the world.

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