Beauty and the Blue

Ocean. Is that the first word that crosses your mind when you think about beautiful things? Well, I don’t blame you if it doesn’t. Considering how it has been wasted by humans, it might have been the first thing on your mind 30 years back, but not now.

All of us know oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface, that is no rocket science. But the surprising fact is that they cover 99% of living space on the planet. So that implies, it is us, humans, living on that 1% living space on earth, that are actually destroying a clear majority of species. How is that justified?

Among other man-made reasons, plastics are the real threat here. Not only are they degrading the environment, but they are also the real evil when it comes to the aquatic fauna. Suffocation, drowning and starving are some of the ways in which these innocent creatures suffer and die. The sad fact is that we only come to notice it when we see it as a big dirt patch on the map. Before that, there is no stopping us.

Oceans are the jewels of nature. What beauty is to a woman, the marine life is to oceans. Our actions are clearly depriving “The Big Blue” of something we have no right over. None of us would like some other beings scarring us for life and leaving us ugly and half-dead. This is exactly what all of us humans are doing to the oceans. The only difference is that the scar, in this case, are the plastics.

Oceans, which have predated the existence of humanity as we know today, are on the verge of getting destroyed. Think of it this way : Even Mariana Trench, which is possibly the deepest point (35,849 feet, much deeper than where Titanic sank!!) on Earth, isn’t safe from our long time best friend “The Plastic”. We are not only being ruthless and killing innocent marine life, but far more ignorant in not realizing the repercussions of our actions. It is high time we take note of where we are heading to, otherwise, we all that saying about Karma.

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