2020 US elections: the before, the aftermath and other funny stories

The November 3rd presidential elections are now over, and after days of agony for thousands of Americans, swing states playing an important role in the shaping of the results and Nevada gaining more attention than ever before in the history of…well, Nevada, the winner has been determined. Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. These elections have been one of the most important in American history and people took them seriously. The US presented the highest voter turn-out ratio since 1900, with almost 67% of the population showing up to vote. This percentage can be partially explained by the huge amount of celebrities and public figures who used their influence to urge their fans to vote, providing resources about how to register and the different organizations that can help them navigate the voting process in each state. But it also had to do with the particular nature of these elections. For many it wasn’t a choice between two candidates, but rather a choice of whether or not Trump should be the US President for another 4 years. The way that President Trump and the administration tackled the issue of the coronavirus, as well as his rhetoric with regards to the Black Lives Matter movement was a dealbreaker for many of his voters while on the other side, the democratic party chose a “safe“ candidate, neutral enough to be able to unite the democratic voting base.

Whether or not Biden was the best candidate for the Democrats is a different story but choosing him was strategically a smart move. His past service as Vice President under President Obama for 8 years, a presidency that was loved by the American people, created a good public image for him. At the same time, his own choice of having Kamala Harris as his running mate makes history as she will be the first black woman to become a VP.

It sure is known that Biden and Harris will have a lot of work to do once their term effectively starts. Biden appears to be a much more stable and cooperative president than Trump and the announcement of his win was welcomed by other world leaders. People expect that during Biden’s presidency the foreign affairs of the US will improve. At the same time, he has promised that tackling the coronavirus issue will be one of his priorities to ensure public health and allow the US economy to recover without the fear of another lockdown.

Donald Trump on the other hand appeared to disagree with the result of the presidential elections claiming that illegal votes were counted and making statements about vote fraud via Twitter. The Trump administration filed lawsuits against several states and demanded an investigation to be conducted in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin. At the same time, Trump supporters took the matter to the streets with protests breaking up all over the country and demanding that votes be recounted, claiming that the elections were rigged. So far, none of these allegations have proved to be substantial and the announcement from US election officials both from the federal government and states that the Nov. 3rd election was “the most secure in American history” was perhaps the most direct rebuttal of President Trump's unsupported claims of election fraud.

What remains to be seen is how Trump will handle his “lame duck period” in office. The term was first coined in England during the 18th century and was used to describe a businessperson who could not pay their debts. But a lame duck period in U.S. politics refers to the period of time between when an incumbent candidate has been defeated and when their successor takes over. Outgoing presidents have been known to grant pardons and commute prison sentences during their lame duck period. However, for the Trump administration it hasn’t started productively. For starters, the Trump-appointed head of the general services administration is refusing to sign a letter of ascertainment allowing Joe Biden’s transition team to formally begin their work, since they are still, and as it seems for a while will be, disputing over the fraud allegations.

Finally, in the good news of the day, president-elect Joe Biden will restore a time-honored tradition back to the White House when his term starts in January by bringing in his 2 German Shepherds as the White House pets. The position of FDOTUS (First Dog/s Of The United States) was vacant during Trump’s presidency but luckily that will change. In fact, Joe Biden already had his first dog, Champ, back in 2008 after he was elected as VP, while Major was initially fostered by the Biden family and then adopted in 2018.

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