This is not an article, but it will make you think

Italians of my generation have never been asked to look out for their health because of an epidemic. All the news talks about is Covid-19, spending hours giving opinions on issues that only doctors understand, despite even the scientific community having contrasting opinions. We are asked to be mindful of our behavior, yet it is just slightly more serious than a flu. We do not have a cure yet some drugs actually work on it. Often it is not deadly, but there is a real-time scoreboard tallying the deaths. Said fatalities are, in my opinion, also very difficult to interpret as we can never be sure all the victims died because of the coronavirus or with the virus. Universities will stay open in some regions because, in most cases it is not fatal for the young.

But, what if you live with your grandma? How can I not be afraid for her? The Panta Rei (everything flows) solution may not be for everyone. “You cannot stop functioning because something is dangerous” is what the political actors are saying, the same people who shut down schools and public infrastructures.

How can I not be afraid or at the very least confused by it?

Our emotions should not be set aside, and if people feel more comfortable wearing a mask or gloves, why not let them do so? We should not be apologizing for our fears and yet we must not lose our humanity. We cannot allow ourselves to be controlled by our emotions and marginate Asians. Everyone is at risk and all we can do is simply follow rules. That’s IT.

Maybe, when this crisis is over, we can show more sympathy towards people from the area displayed belo

It shows the spread of the EVD, the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), a rare and deadly disease in people and nonhuman primates. In the last stage victim begin to experience both internal and external bleeding. The disease is highly deadly, killing 25% to 90% of those infected, with an average of about 50%. If we apply the same rate here, at least 200 hundred people will die.

Now, we are experiencing something that it is not comparable to it and still, we are afraid. Can we not understand why people emigrate? Why are we not focusing on how to help people who are running for their life? Why do we feel it is not right to keep people trapped on cruises but there were so many controversial opinions on the Sea Watch case?

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