The Power of Hope is Real

The coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetime. Every day we are bombarded with an endless stream of coronavirus news, making us feel like each day was worse than the one before. Businesses have closed, public gatherings are banned, and all of our plans have been postponed. In these times, we are all faced with our own challenges. Some are struggling with mental health, due to confinement, some have lost their jobs, and many, our heroes on the frontline, are risking their lives every day to save others. However, while we might be and feel isolated from one another, it is together that we are braving the night, and as Victor Hugo once wrote, “even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

In overwhelming times like these, when we feel as though we are in the center of a storm, it can be difficult to deal with the fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead. But no matter what we are going through, it is crucial that we give ourselves hope. When faced with any challenging situation, we always have the choice of two reactions, hope or despair. Deepak Chopra says that when we choose hope, we open our minds and hearts very naturally. We can begin to imagine other possibilities. Hope carries the power of intention and can help create the outcome we want from a situation. So, if ever a situation looks hopeless, it is simply that we are not seeing clearly. What may currently look like a dark patch or a setback can actually be a beautiful turning point because as Oprah said, “anything can be a miracle, a blessing, an opportunity, if we choose to see it that way. When we see life through a lens of hope, everything can change.”

I have discovered that hope is a precious yet infinite commodity. It grows in me as I learn more about the power of our united strength. Every day, I read about individuals lending a hand to others, like the mother of two in California that started a nonprofit to help feed families in need during the pandemic, or the little boy in London that started producing his own protective masks for people in his community. When our doors can finally reopen, I hope that we can make space for more understanding, love, and compassion, and that there will be less of “we” and “them,” and more of “us.” We will heal from this experience and I know that if we harness the power of hope, “andrà tutto bene. All will be well.”

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