The Global Orgasm for Peace

Every year on the day after the winter solstice, people from all around the globe dedicate an orgasm to world peace. This practice began in 2006 from activists,

who thought that the positive energy derived from the act would have a widespread impact on the world. The two founders are anti-war and had, before creating this annual event, manifested against the invasion of Iraq while naked. When word of the difficult

situation in the Middle East during 2006 spread, they decided to bring their activism another step forward. They compare the global orgasm to mass prayers and meditations, but believe that “the combination of high-energy orgasmic energy combined with mindful intention may have a much greater effect”.

Apart from the political intent, this occasion is very important because it gives us the chance to talk about orgasm without stereotipes or taboos.

Orgasms are a source of wellbeing and have many positive effects on our physical and mental health. However, even in 2021, all topics related to sex are seen as shameful. It is still believed that sex is something that should not be discussed

with young people, even though the damages of this culture are extremely clear by now.

As of today, unawareness about women’s bodies and their sources of pleasure is still extensive. It is well known that in heterosexual relationships women have fewer orgasm than men, with many men still believing female orgasm just doesn’t exist. This is probably caused by the widespread ignorance of women’s bodies, which affects both men and women.

While male masturbation is seen as normal and almost encouraged, most women do not even know it is a possibility and are often unable to please themselves. That is because the only idea we have of sex is penetration, but that is only a minimal part of it. The clitoris is the tissue that surrounds the vagina and when it becomes engorged it leads to the climax. There are many ways to cause arousal in both men and women and an occasion like the global orgasm day could be important to encourage couples to experiment.

This occasion is also important to help us reflect on the progress that has been made in the conversation around sex and one of the most important steps has certainly been the series Sex Education.

This show has had a great success, thanks to its ability to combine actual educational messages with interesting narratives and characters. While heterosexual sex and male masturbation have been part of many pieces of media, this show has brought to the screens the many other parts of sexuality previously ignored. The most important topic that this show has been able to convey, however, has been the central part that pleasure and satisfaction should have in our sexual lives.

In conclusion, the Global Orgasm for Peace day is an occasion to remind us of a great deal of topics. It can encourage us to try to send positive energy out in the world, to try and have a good influence on what happens around us, and to be mindful of our privileges and keep in our minds those who aren’t as lucky. But most of all, this day should be on occasion for each and all of us to focus on our body and our pleasure, be it with another person or alone. This day gives us an opportunity to talk about sex openly and freely, without any trace of shame, because it is a part of our lives and it should be a good one.

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